Sunday, September 15, 2013


Little Miss Priss is starting to insist on feeding herself things like yogurt....which causes a battle and a huge mess!!  But we were home with no where to go on Saturday night so I let her take over about 1/2 way thru....

Soccer Season

We have begun another soccer season...both Avery and Griffin are playing again this fall. They have back-to-back practices Monday nights and then back-to-back games on Saturday mornings. 

 Griffin's team is the Wasps. 

 He is pretty aggressive and really fast...

 snow cone =
 blue lips and teeth

 Avery's team is the Earthquakes.

 She has not been aggressive  this season - she follows the ball closely but rarely actually kicks it - even if she has a great shot!  But I managed to get her kicking the ball here!