Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 3 Months Carsyn!

Its hard to believe that another month has flown by. This Parnell crew seems to have adjusted just fine to Carsyn's arrival and Brent and I are getting used to living in chaos! Our household is loud and always full of activity! 

Carsyn is doing great. She is growing out of her 3 month clothes right in time. She is a great eater. And she is finally taking consistent naps! Night time sleep still varies dramatically - sometime she is up at 2 AM and other nights she makes it until 4:30...Hoping to see more of the 4:00 hour and less of the 2:00 hour in nights to come! In the past 2 weeks we have learned that Carsyn has a short "getting sleepy window." If I don't get her down in that time frame, she has major inconsolable crying episodes. I'm hoping that once the big kids start school, I can get Carsyn on real schedule. Right now she just goes when we go and sleeps when she gets a chance. Oh the life of a fourth child!

She is really a smiley little thing and loves to talk. I'm afraid I am going to be the only quiet one in this household! She is very expressive and raises her eyebrows and wrinkles up her forehead when she gets to talking.

Her next ECHO is scheduled for mid-August so we'll know something about her heart by then. She has no outward signs of any problem so we are thankful for that.

Happy 3 months baby girl!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend at the Cabin

We spent last weekend at the cabin - just the 6 of us plus Uncle Pooks! It was a good get away and change of pace for everyone.

 Avery and Griffin spent Saturday morning collection feathers, rocks, flowers, nuts, etc for a "feast." I convinced them to just use their centerpiece and eat real food!

Avery was a master on the kayak! She went all over the lake and even gave the boys rides!

swimming in the hot tub (yes, graham is going commando!)

 his cheese face

 happy hour with uncle pooks

 This boy loved him some Uncle Pooks, as well as the tractor and 4 wheeler rides!

 staying cool

our 4 wheeler boy

Date with Daddy

 Brent took Avery on a date to the Club a few weeks ago. She was so excited and talked about it nonstop for days. We learned that she isn't old enough for the formal dining room, so they put a small table in a private room for them! Avery loved the attention - go figure! They had shrimp for an appetizer and even got chocolate cake for dessert - and Avery thought she was big stuff getting to drink Sprite out of a glass cup.
Thankful for a husband who is willing to invest time in his children!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Family Beach Pictures

We took the fam out to the beach one evening to take some family pictures. We took a million and thanks to digital cameras, we actually got some good ones!

just so Carsyn knows that I existed!

Daddy and Griffy love

nina and big daddy with all the crew
my favorite boys!

the girls


the girls with nina

avery's requested picture!

all of the parnell crew

loving some nina and big daddy

i think carsyn looks like a doll here!

avery insisted on holding carsyn

this ones needs to be framed

does this qualify as a litter?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grayton Beach 2012

We spent last week at my parent's beach house in Grayton Beach. My parents and Brent's mom joined us and we had a great time. The kids loved having all their grandparents there; I loved having lots of extra hands around! 

Overall, we had great weather. We spent mornings on the beach. Mid-day was rest time for kids and card-playing happy hour for adults. Late afternoon was pool time. All 3 big kids loved the ocean and jumping waves. Graham was too cute - he'd say, "Big wave, hop!"

we had rain one afternoon while the boys were sleeping so avery played outside in the rain!

our toothless wonder!

I am pretty sure that Brent played and swam as hard as the kids did!

fierce game of Go Fish

We at lots of seafood all week, mostly cooked by Chef Big Daddy!  Avery and Griffin chowed down on some crab claws...thanks for bringing them Gammy!

Brent and I escaped one evening for a nice dinner at Cafe 30a and a walk around the neighborhood.

Our little man, chillin on the beach!

baby beach bum

lovin' the ocean

playing in the lagoon (or as they called it, "the lake")

our bathing beauty

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dance Camp

Avery participated in Rockstar Dance Camp at Kane and Co this past week. This was a little something different for her - they did jazz and hip hop - neither of which she had done before. And it was 6-9 year olds so she was 1 of 2 six year olds. She did great and of course she loved it!  They learned 2 dances, did a daily art project (including making the tutu she's wearing), practiced drills, and had lunch there everyday.

 my little rockstar!