Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bubble Bath

Its been over 3 weeks since I've posted a blog....yikes. No real excuse though - Just life with lots of little I promise to blog updates on life and kids soon but until I find the time and energy, here are some pictures to entertain you!

 I spent the morning outside with these little guys - and they were disgustingly dirty long before noon!  So I threw them in the tub before lunch....I am assuming that Avery had poured shampoo in the tub during her shower last night  because today I turned the water on, walked away, and came back to a full-on bubble bath!  
But Carsyn and Graham loved it!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Days of School!

Summer seemed to fly by and here we are beginning another school year. Craziness. Avery and Griffin are both at Stevens Creek and started school on Tuesday. Graham and Carsyn are both at First Baptist and they started today. 

Our big second grader!!  Avery was very excited that she knew some of the kids in her class this year - not too much of a transition, especially after last year's move to a new school. She was really excited to have Griffin joining her and was giving him all sorts of advice and info! 

 Griffin seemed very ambivalent to starting a new school or going to kindergarten...until the night before!  Then he was really excited and chatty about it. After his first day he: was really excited about earning "cardinal coins," not sure his music teacher actually taught music, thrilled that he saw people he knew on the playground, and not a fan of the bus because it was too bumpy! 

 my big kids!

 2nd grade

 and kindergarten!

 My little clown...starting 3 day Three's

He had a great first day - came home talking about new boys he played with, drinking all his juice, and getting to play on the big boy playground.

 this one just may be the biggest ham of them all!  She is doing MDO one morning a week. She cried when I left her today but they said she had a great day. 

 I'm glad I still have lots of time with these two before they head off to full time school with the big kids!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Family Meeting

Mom and Mike had all 7 of the "kids" down to the cabin for the weekend. No spouses or grandchildren...(well, except for hannah since she was the bearer of the newest grandchild!)  We had a family meeting with mom/mikes financial  advisor...

mom/mike shared their views and wisdom regarding money and then we went thru "estate planning" type stuff. I thought it was a great idea to get all the kids on the same page and for us to know mom/mikes intentions and heart  - straight from them while they are still around to tell us!

It was also great to have time with just siblings. no kids as distractions. and we could have conversation and hang out and enjoy each other. 

 This is Landon and Hannah's baby - Gillian. Since they live in Utah, this is the first time all of us were able to meet her. Just precious and full of funny expressions. 

 some things never change...preston is licking the inside of the icecream machine!

 The original Pat/Charleen crowd...

 and with our little momma!

 and Mikey's side...

 and here is the post-merger family!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zoo Day!

Columbia SC has a great zoo but I am too chicken to go there solo with all the kids... I like to have another adult around just in case!!  But today we met some friends who moved to Columbia almost 1 1/2 years ago and spent the day at the zoo with them. Our day went great and the kids loved it. Avery and Griffin hadn't been to a zoo in almost 5 years and the little 2 had never everything was new and exciting!!

 Avery made it to the top twice and Griffin says he made it once but I didn't see him and am not sure I believe it!

 feeding nectar to the lorikeets

 Graham looked pretty serious but enjoyed his ride!

 Avery was the only one of mine that fed the goats..the boys were afraid!

 both big kids fed the giraffes...graham wanted to but was terrified to get too close!!

 caught a moment between these two old friends!

 stinky flamingos!

posted this because this is typical of carsyn...griffin always shares his goodies with her and she knows it...he shared his dippin dots with her today - and she insisted on it!!