Friday, November 30, 2012

My Birthday!

 We celebrated my 35th birthday while at the cabin last weekend. 

 mommy with her big kids!

present time!

Thanks for my new coat honey!  (and my boots!)

Weekend in Jasper

We headed down to the cabin the day after Thanksgiving - we met mom/mike there and brought Brent's mom with us. We had one day of great weather and then 2 chilly days. We also celebrated my bday while we were there.

 Griff caught a monstrous catfish!

 Graham talks about 4 wheelers and tractors nonstop while at the this is what he did all weekend!!

 working on his fishing! (all of our kids got the "everything is easier if your tongue is out" gene from Brent!)

 Avery's big ole fish

 attempting to catch a smile on camera!

 The grandkids Christmas present from Nina and Big Daddy - their own little cabin!!  I foresee endless hours spent here! 

Griffin Patrick

Griffin celebrated his 5th birthday a few weeks ago. I say it frequently, but it is so hard to believe how quickly time goes by. Seems like yesterday that this little guy made his fast and furious (and epidural-less) entrance into our lives!  He's kept me hopping ever since!

This picture is classic Griffin. We were having family pictures taken and the photographer took this pic of Griffin spitting off the dock. Made me smile to see it! Griffin has always been 100% boy. He loves dirt, outdoors, pretend fighting, rough-housing, spitting, peeing outside, and any other testosterone filled activity.

He continues to be such a paradox...Rough and tumble one minute; super loving and sensitive the next. He weighed in at 38 lbs, 13 oz (50%) and was 3'5" (25%) at his check up. Not sure how he made it to the 50% in weight since he is not a great eater. (Griffin still rarely eats dinner because he refuses to taste what I make...)

Griffin is in school 5 days a week this year in 4 year old preschool. He goes from 9:00-1:00.  Thankfully, he loves school - and loves his friends. It makes me smile to watch him interact with others - he always hugs his friends when he sees them. We are still contemplating if we will leave him at FBC for 1/2 day kindergarten or send him all day next year.

Griffin loves working/helping with projects; loves special assignments; asks deep questions; really thinks through different scenarios; is gentle with carsyn and rough with graham; quickly offers words of encouragement to others; spends rest time creating with legos and trio blocks; is super "into" super heroes and star wars; is a huge blessing in our lives!! Happy 5 years Buddy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gammy's here!

 Gammy arrived on Sunday evening...and as always, she came bearing crafts and activities!  On Tuesday, Gammy and the big kids made a ginger bread house. I have been asked "When can I eat a piece of it?"  multiple times already!

 The kids are out of school ALL week... we've tried to do some special activities with them. Gammy and I took all 4 kids to play Putt-Putt and it went remarkably smoothly! Avery is really competitive and worked hard to make "holes in four" (or less), while Griffin was much more laid back but really good at putting. Graham was by far the most entertaining. He started in a full on squatting position...hit the ball...then jumped the entire way down the green to pick up the ball...then he would pick the ball up and run it to the hole!  Very proud of himself!

 getting his squat on

 tongue out and ready to go!

 Gammy was also treated to a tea party for lunch one day. Nothing like PBJ, cheetos, grapes and sugary apple juice!!

It would be a shame to have a picture with all kids looking one direction - so here's our alternative!

We went to Monkey Joe's today, a big mistake by this mommy. Griffin's asthma has been horrible lately because he's had a nasty cold. He's currently on steroids to get over it....All that to say, he didn't tolerate the running and jumping!  I ended up scrounging around for quarters so he could play video games and one of the workers found him some crayons to help occupy him. Poor boy!!

Looking forward to our feast tomorrow and then taking Gammy down to the cabin for the weekend!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

STCE Fun Run

 Avery's school does a fun run every year to raise money for various causes. This year, they were raising money for a previous student named Re'Ana who has bone cancer and has had one leg amputated. Re'Ana came and spoke with the kids earlier this month and was there today to hand out ribbons to the winners.

 It was a cold and wet morning but we made it! 

 The students can run in a 1 mile run or a 3 person relay. Avery did the relay race and was the final "leg" so she got to cross the finish line...

 she was smiling and waving in this shot!

 Staying warm with mommy!

 Avery, her friend Emily, and her teacher Mrs Sukowatey - watching the 1 mile race

 Avery's relay group got 2nd place for the first grade girls. She was super excited to get a ribbon!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Party!

 Our big man turned 5 on Sunday! 

 Griffin wanted to have his party at Monkey Joe's this year. We invited 2 family friends and then his class from school and had his party Sunday afternoon. Lots of jumping, climbing, and sliding...followed by pizza and cupcakes...followed by more jumping, climbing, and sliding! 

 Christopher, Griffin, and Luke

 Griffin and Elaina

 kicking back in the birthday boy chair

 Pizza time!

 Monkey Joe enters...Graham is not too sure at first!

 Monkey Joe with the Birthday Boy

 Time for cake...Star Wars themed...

 Present time! Griffin wanted a new scooter "with 2 wheels - so I can give my little one to Graham"

We also got him a his own chair for his room.

An official "Griffin Turns 5" post will follow next week after his MD appointment....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy 6 months Carsyn!

Carsyn turned 6 months old almost 2 weeks ago. Hard to believe she's been here that long! I'm just now posting this because she didn't have her 6 month check up until Thursday of this week.  She weighed in at 15.9 lbs (40%), was 25.5 inches long (40%), and her head was in the 60%. She is bigger than Avery and Griffin were at this age but about the same as Graham (with the exception of his huge head!). 

I finally broke down and started baby food this past month. YUCK! We've done rice cereal - which she is still not fond of - and pears. And honestly, sometimes I go 2-3 days without remember to feed her food!! Gotta work on that! 

Our littlest princess can be super smiley and happy when she chooses...and she can scream like its no body's business when she wants to. I think she cries more than any of the others every, whether its because she can't have all of my attention as often or just because that's "her", I'm not sure!  As long as I'm in sight, she loves to smile and flirt with strangers. And they always comment on her beautiful smile and big blue eyes. 

These 3 big guys LOVE Carsyn...and don't leave her alone.She has no personal space whatsoever. But she loves her siblings and they are really great at making her stop crying and entertaining her. 

Carsyn's sleeping has been all over the place. Thankfully, by month 5 she settled down into a great nap schedule, sleeping 1 1/2 hours in the morning and over 2 hours in the afternoon. And sometimes she still needs a short cat nap in the 5:00 hour. At 4 months she was sleeping all night over 1/2 the time...but we had some major regression after she had her first cold.  And we still haven't made it back to sleeping all night. 

Carsyn spends lots of time in her car seat, thanks to her position as child # 4...but when we aren't running around, she loves to sit in her exersaucer. I have used this thing a ton with all 4 kids - we're definitely getting our money's worth! She is a roly poly on the ground. She's getting better at being able to roll towards the object she's wanting. And yesterday, she found her pacy in her crib and put it in by herself!  Can't wait until she does that consistently! 

Unless a miracle happens, Carsyn will be our last baby!!  So I am cherishing all the little things and "lasts" that each stage brings. Its given me a little more sentimental outlook on the ordinary baby "tasks."

Happy 6 months sweet girl!