Thursday, May 31, 2012

Air Boat in Mobile

Another new activity we did was an air boat ride in the bay. The kids LOVED this! Several times during the ride, Avery looked at me and yelled at the top of her lungs, "THIS IS AWESOME!" And the boys had big grins across their faces the entire time.

ready to go!


We went on a 7:00 PM ride and the sun set during our ride. Beautiful!


The morning before we went on the boat ride, Griffin spent over an hour watching a TV show about catching he was super excited at the possibility of seeing one in real life...and we ended up seeing 6 or 7 alligators, including a little baby that was less than a foot long!  This isn't the best picture but its as close as I could get - this is the alligator eyes and head in the water.


We spend a few days in Mobile with Gammy over Memorial Day weekend and we did a few new "tourist-y" things...

We spent one morning at the Explorium - a "hands-on" type of children's museum. The kids loved it and the older 2 could have spent all day there but Graham got a little restless by the end of the morning. And I'm pretty sure that Brent had as much fun as the kids did!

making bubbles

and playing music

learning about pulleys

and playing in the boat

catching fish and scooping balls

and getting their faces painted!



Monday, May 21, 2012

Splash Day

georgia, lola, avery, mariah, emma

Friday was the last day of school!  Hard to believe that another year has come and gone. Avery's class had "Splash Day" at school so Carsyn and I went to that. Griffin's class met at Chic-fil-a for a party so Gammy and Brent went with him. I'll post pics from Griffin's party once I get them off Gammy's camera...
The K5 classes rented this water could slide on your belly like a slip-n-slide or jump down the middle.
oddly enough, the weather was only about 65 degrees and overcast!  the parents were walking around with towels around them while the kids shivered in the water!  They were troopers and lasted much longer than I would have expected!
enjoying some snacks and attempting to stay warm!

K5 End of Year Program

our little jelly fish

The K5 classes did an end of  year program called "Wonders of the Sea" on Thursday night. They sang several songs as a group; each group of sea creatures came forward and said a line into the microphone; and then groups of 4-5 students came forward and recited a Bible verse about the ocean. Avery was really excited that this was "the first time I get to talk into a real microphone!"

After the performance, the children were called one by one to receive a graduation certificate and a Bible. These are Avery's teachers - Mr. Jones and Mrs. Dekle.
Mommy and Daddy with our graduate!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Tea

The Kindergarten classes hosted a Mother's Day Tea on Thursday to celebrate their mothers. I was able to leave the boys home with a sitter, so Carsyn and I attended the tea with Avery. They had a delicious brunch and each of the kids had made hand-print placemats and bookmarks for their moms.

 mommy and sissy

 I think she looks like a "mini-me" here

 Avery and her teachers - Mrs. Dekle and Mr. Jones

Avery's BFF at school - Lola

Gymnastics Show

Like most of you, we have been busy with "end-of-year" activities this month. Last Wednesday, Avery and Griffin had their last week of gymnastics. Each of their classes had a little show for the parents to observe all that they had learned.

 Miss Becca with Avery's Level 1 class

 Griffin's Mighty Mites class, holding their Olympic torches

 note the tongue in cheek to help with concentration

 wild man in action

 showing off his "strong arms"

 she looks so big here!


 receiving his medal

 really concentrating

receiving her medal

Friday, May 11, 2012

Carsyn - week 1

Week one went very smoothly, largely because my parents were in town and ran the household! They did carpool, packed lunchboxes, bathed/bedded kids, cooked, cleaned, did laundry, planted flowers...

And Carsyn has been really good thus far. I'm hoping that this isn't just the sleepy newborn phase...but I'm only getting up about twice a night feed her and most of the time, she settles back in easily.

sunbathing in the window seat
planting flowers with big daddy

her eyes are open! you can see in this picture that she has a red tint to her hair...hoping it stays so that I can get my redhead!!
the 2 big kids have been great with her. they love to hold and kiss on her! graham on the other hand, has been really into "mommy" and has been quite a booger!

Derby Day Fiesta

Our friends Chad and Kelli host an annual party for the Kentucky Derby. Even though Carsyn was just a week old, we left the big kids at home with a sitter and took her to the party! I really enjoyed getting out of the house and the Ray's really know how to throw a party!

Daddy and Carsyn
note Brent's seer sucker pants....he is branching out big time!
One of Kelli's best friends owns an art studio in Athens - so she came and set up down by the river across the street from the Rays - and held a painting class! I am not at all artistic but I sure enjoyed it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She's here!

Carsyn Ashley made her debut in this world on Saturday April 28 at 5:03 PM after a long labor lasting 1 hour and 14 minutes! (Actually, I arrive at the hospital at 5cm, got an epidural, had my water broken, and then she arrive 1 hr, 14 min later.) Nina and Big Daddy came in town so they kept the other kids - which took a huge stress off of me. Everything went very smoothly and we are thrilled to have another princess in our house!

here we are at 37 weeks and 6 days

 Dr Daddy was barefoot under these boots! (yes, he delivered Carsyn...)

 and here she is, fresh out of the oven! 

 first picture with mommy and daddy

 We are so thankful that Kelli could was able to follow us through pregnancy and come in to help deliver Carsyn. We owe her big time!

 getting her first spit-shine!

 Avery is absolutely in love with her new sister. She and Nina even made an extra trip to the hospital with just the 2 of them so that Avery could just sit and hold Carsyn!

 and Griffy is a great big brother!

first picture with Nina 

 the Parnell girls!

 finally, some eyes!

Going home!!