Saturday, June 15, 2013


This week our church had VBS. It was every evening 5:30-8:30!  I volunteered this year so I had all 4 kids at church late every it was an interesting week in the Parnell household!
It was a fun week of meeting new friends and starting to feel "at home" in a new church. I enjoyed getting to know what kids belong to what adults and start learning names. 

This was one of Avery's new friends this week. Pretty sure they stuck together all week. Avery is a little quiet so its always reassuring to watch her meet friends and enjoy it! 

 I was a 2nd grade leader and our character was "Pat the Bat." 

The kids collected about $700 dollars to make lunches to feed kids who are in need of it. They also got to decorate the lunch bags and fill each one with a lunch.

We had a science experiment each night that went along with our theme. Here Griffin is getting to be "inside" a bubble!

 listening to the Bible story..we learned all about trusting God this week....

 Showing all of their new worship songs to their parents...Each class got to sing 2 songs on stage...Avery was so excited - when we were getting ready for VBS she said, " Mom, this is the first time I get to sing on stage, can I wear some of your makeup for it?" Of course I gave her just enough to make her feel extra beautiful for her debut!

another experiment...alka seltzer and water exploding!

My fellow leaders - Tammy and Amy - here we have a blob of vaseline on the ends of our noses...we had to race down the tarp and "pick up" a cotton ball with our noses! 

I am officially tired but it was a great week for all of the Parnells!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Nina and Big Daddy's

Brent spent the last week hunting birds in Argentina with one of my brothers, an uncle, and a cousin. To help the days pass a little quicker, the kids and I  headed to my parents for a few days. A change of scenery, different toys, and some extra hands are always nice!

 This girl LOVED the trampoline!  She would bob her head up and down and tried to make herself bounce!

 a few cousins came on Thursday afternoon so we got to hang out with them for a bit. 

 my little fishy

 Kale, Griff, Clayton, and Avery with Big Daddy

 The boys always love being with Big Daddy - they get to work on things, help with projects, and this time, they got to catch chipmunks!

 The park in the neighborhood next to mom/mikes has been redone and was surprisingly really nice!  

 we brought bread for the ducks and waited for them but none came close enough to the kids each ate their piece of bread!!

We met some of my friends from high school and their kids at a splash park on Friday morning before we headed home. It was a little chilly for Avery and my little 2 were crabby but Griffin enjoyed it!  (the boys are all sitting on a fountain - can you say water enema?!)

American Girl Birthday

This year we celebrated Avery's 7th birthday at the American Girl Store.  We let her choose a doll for her birthday present and we invited Nina and a few cousins to join us for lunch. Avery has been studying the American Girl catalog for months trying to decide which doll she wanted! 

 After months of deliberation, Avery decided on getting Julie, a hippie doll born in the 70's! Both she and her doll got to wear Happy Birthday stickers while shopping and dining.   As gifts from Nina, Gammy, and Addison, Avery also picked out a bed, pajamas, and a "feel better" kit for Julie. 

 Joining us for lunch at the American Girl doll Bistro - were Aunt Ann, Cousins Brieanna, Addison, and Brooke. (plus Nina who was busy occupying Carsyn!)

 The girls got to put their dolls in little high chairs to join us for lunch, with their own mini plates and cups. Nina made the girls laugh by putting fries on the dolls plates and asking them to eat their lunch.

 Singing Happy Birthday!

 Avery loves her big cousins so I am so thankful they took time to come indulge our 7 year old!

 feeling fancy - shirley temples, cake, and ice-cream with a flower!

although she is all smiles here, this little one was a fuss-pot the entire time. she no longer is happy being confined!