Wednesday, May 22, 2013

School's Out!!

As of yesterday, school is out and summer has officially begun!!  And oddly enough, I am actually excited about summer this year. Last year, I dreaded - and I do mean dreaded - it! (Maybe it was having a newborn, a 2 year old, and 2 kids that needed entertaining!) 

I love the slower pace of summer - not having to be out the door every morning by scheduled extracurricular evening activities...letting the swimming pool or sprinklers count as baths...playing outside all evening...

I try to have enough things "scheduled" that the kids don't drive me or each other crazy but enough down time to enjoy each other!  Graham is going to summer school on tues/thur and Carysyn is going on Thursdays. This will allow me some time with the big kids, primarily time at the pool.  The older 2 will do a week of soccer camp in June and Griffin will do a lego camp and Avery an art camp in July. Throw in a week of vacation to the beach and Mobile and that will be our summer!

 Here is my little 3 year old on the last day of school!  

 brothers gotta hug!

 and my big 5 1/2 year old!

 and my almost 7 year old!

Happy Last Day of School!

Preschool Graduation

Griffin's school year ended with a very informal preschool graduation.  All of the parents were invited to attend the kids "circle time." They each took a turn to lead an activity or answer questions. We saw them count in several different ways, heard them sing songs about the fruit of the Spirit, watched as they recited days of the week/months of the year, and heard them answer questions about the calendar...they ended by calling each student to the front to receive a diploma and take a picture with the teachers. 

Griffin's "job" during circle time was to count by 10's using bundles of popsicle sticks. 

Mrs Dekle and Mrs Sandi were wonderful this year!

Jackson was Griff's best bud at school this year. 

and Luke was another great friend!

mommy and her proud pre-k graduate!

Monday, May 20, 2013


Avery and Griffin played Upward tee-ball this spring. We had them put on the same team - that way they both could play but we weren't doing double duty!  This was Griffin's second season playing and Avery's first. 

Griff likes to wind up and swing really hard...(and normally takes several swings to hit the ball!)

Their coach was really good about rotating them thru each of the positions so they got to play everywhere. 

this one made me smile

Griffin's Splash Day

 sofia, griffin, elena

Griffin's class had a splash day today - they had a picnic and then played in the sprinklers and baby pool. I took the little 2 - Graham thought he was big stuff getting to play with the big kids and Carsyn enjoyed digging thru the diaper bag and playing on the quilt. And I had so much fun watching Griffin!  He loves people and loves his friends and plays with pure joy! Just watching the expressions on his face made me smile! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Field Day

Avery had her field day on Monday this week. I left the little 2 home with a sitter because I didn't think I could keep up with them and watch Avery...but it turns out that the little guys would have been fine!  It was just the first graders and everyone was pretty spread out at different events. (each grade does theirs on a different day.)  The 5 graders lead field day - they are in charge of leading the classes from event to event and there are several students that lead each event. It was really fun to see. I always enjoy seeing Avery in "her environment" - she is much quieter and more shy than you would imagine...but field day had her competitiveness out in full force!

relay races

Avery and her good friend Emily

Gymnastics Show

Last week thru next Tuesday is a very busy time for the Parnell family!  Every one has field trips, end of year parties, field day, splash day, preschool graduation, tee ball games, and a gymnastics show! Its fun to get to do special things with each of the kids and their classes but it makes for a lot of running around! 

Tuesday night was Avery and Griffin's last gymnastics class of the year so they had their little show.  The Parnells were there if full force! Brent kept Graham occupied by feeding him popcorn and I toted Carsyn around in the carrier so I could get pictures!

 Miss April and Griffin's class

 Avery got to carry their class sign and lead her class out. 

 Griff on bars

 Avery learning a back handspring

 Sister on Beam

 Griffin working on back bends

 Avery on bars

 Bunny hops over bean bags.

 They were given medals and were so proud of them! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Strawberry Picking

 We headed out to the strawberry patch this morning to fill our bucket! We had great weather and great company so we enjoyed it! Graham was a little disappointed that he couldn't find any chocolate covered strawberries and he had a complete fit when I ate a berry out of our bucket...but other than that, he was a strawberry picking machine! 

 Carsyn was not thrilled with her strawberry picking experience. (but she is not thrilled with much!)

 but she loved the strawberries!

here is our loot!!

Kenny Chesney and ZBB

As a pseudo Christmas present / ruined surprise : )  I got Brent tickets to see Kenny Chesney and the Zac Brown Band in Columbia SC...the concert was 2 weekends ago. We met 2 of our wonderful friends from Greenville there and brought 2 of our wonderful friends from Augusta with us. The weather was crappy and rainy and cold...but we still enjoyed the day! 

 off to tailgate with Creighton and Christa...don't these 2 look sweet carrying the cooler together?

 my dear friend Kelli

 and my dear friend Christa

 and of course, my dear hubby!