Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gray Hair

When looking in a mirror, I recently discovered that I had many more wiry gray hairs than I remember having. I mean, really. I'm only 34. I thought I would have a few more years before this happened!!

But after this past week, I have discovered that my new gray hairs are NOT the product of age, but of having BOYS.

I did a post about this great new playground just a few weeks ago. Brand new. Recycled tire floor. Nice equipment. And I don't think I'll be taking the kids there again any time soon. There are so many high places to fall from that I spend my time literally following Graham around - lets be honest, he'd walk right off a 15 foot drop-off without blinking.

So last Thursday, I took the boys here to spend the morning. We had been there less than 30 minutes. I was pushing Graham on this circle swing thing (bottom left of picture) when I heard a loud thud. I turn around to see Griffin laying in a pile under the slide. Apparently, he had been climbing up the outside of the tunnel slide when he fell 10-12 feet down. I ran and picked him up and encouraged him to "take a breath" because he was doing the cry-and-hold-your-breath thing. He held it so long that he turned blue, took one big breath and held it again. He then did this weird clenching up/tightening thing before taking in more air. I was terrified! Once he was breathing again, I sat down and tried to get a good look at him and figure out what was injured. He immediately climbed off my lap, lay flat on his belly, didn't want to be touched, and continued to scream. It wasn't until now that I realized I had left Graham sitting 2 feet in the air on a swing. Thankfully, he was still sitting there so I grabbed him and strapped him into the stroller so I could pay attention to Griff. I spent about 10 minutes trying to distract Griffin and do whatever possible to get him to stop screaming...all to no avail. So I loaded the boys in the car and called Brent. Since Griffin was still crying and wouldn't sit in a "normal" position in his car seat, we headed to the ER. Long story short, Griffin was okay and his back xrays were normal. He has definitely been sore in his back and hips- he says his "waist" hurts - no real damage was done!

And a few more gray hairs were added to my head.

On Friday, Graham and I were headed into Sam's to grab a few things while the big kids were in school. He is wanting to walk everywhere but not thrilled with the idea of holding my hand in parking lots...so halfway through the parking lot, he turns himself into a wet noodle. I hear a "pop" and he begins screaming. He seemed to call down easily though. About half way through our shopping, I realize that Graham hasn't moved his left arm at all. He's attempting to both eat and hold things with one arm.

So once again, when we get back to the car, I call Brent and report that I am having a bad mom week. We both thought that Graham had what they call "nursemaids elbow" which is very common at his age.


We were headed to meet some friends at the mall playground so I decided to go ahead and go. When we got there, I started googling "nursemaids elbow" because I knew there was a fairly easy maneuver to fix it. As I was doing my research, I was watching Graham play and noting that he still wasn't using that arm at all. Then he trips and falls, catches himself with his hurt arm, screams, gets up, and starts playing again - with both arms! Apparently, he popped it back in himself!

And more gray hairs were just added to my head.

All of that to say, that I have had a week I'd like to forget!! Talk about physical and emotional exhaustion!!! Lets pray the our kids stay in one piece and injury free for a while. And that I get to keep my red hair at least a little longer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby Girl

I had a big / long doctors appointment today - and thankfully, all the kids were at school! It would have been a nightmare trying to entertain Graham for 2 1/2 hours at the hospital!!

I had my regular OB checkup for 28 weeks, my glucola (blood sugar) test, a rhogam shot, and an ultrasound. All looks good. According to ultrasound measurements, Baby Girl is almost 3 pounds. Fat cheeks - the US tech said that the ice cream I eat is fattening her up; her face was right up against the placenta so we could only really see half of her face. Looks like she has full lips and doesn't have a turned up nose like the first 2 did.

I can't wait to see her in real life! Now, we just have to settle on a name! And I haven't done a thing in terms of a nursery or getting out any baby stuff yet...I am avoiding moving Graham out of the crib / nursery as long as possible!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Soccer Season Kick-Off!

Avery and Griffin are both playing soccer again this spring. We are playing in an Upward league at a church right down the street. So far, I have really been impressed with Upward. I think its a great "intro" into sports, teaching the basic skills but emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, etc. They even do a little devotion at half time.

The kids had their first games today. They play every Saturday for 7 weeks - Griff at 9 and Avery at 10...the hard part today was that Brent was on call and at the hospital...so I was trying to watch the games and cheer for the kids while chasing Graham around - and as my belly grows, it gets harder and harder to chase Graham when he bolts!

here is Avery's team - Ada Scott, Cameron, Avery, Gracie, Tiara - with Coach Stephen and Coach Terrance

Avery was a little more aggressive today than she was last season - still a little skittish to actually kick the ball - but kept up with everyone and got a few little kicks in. She even managed to kick the ball on its way into the goal!

there she is - # 21

And here is my handsome little player. I think he is the smallest guy on his team - he looked so little out there! Griffin played WAY better than last year. He never once sat down, stopped playing, cried, or anything! And he seemed to love it! He played well and got in several good strong kicks. He even got an award for best defensive player today!

trailing the pack (far left)

team huddle with Coach Wesley

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Parnells! We enjoyed a low key day of celebrating yesterday. The kids both had parties at school and were extra wild thanks to all the sugar they consumed throughout the day. They each made crowns covered in hearts and several other Valentine art projects. Here was a little card and gift that Avery made - it had a little candle holder that she had painted hearts on and tied a ribbon around.

Brent and I's night out got cancelled due to the stomach bug that hit our household...but here are the beautiful tulips that he brought me.

Avery requested that we have "something special for dinner" but couldn't give me any ideas of what she thought was special...so I made heart shaped jello jigglers to add to the kids' plates and then made some sugar cookies that they could decorate. She approved of my choices!

And then after the kids were in bed, Brent and I enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling grape juice while watching The Office on DVD!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girls Weekend

I was able to escape reality last weekend and spend 48 hours without kids and with some dear friends! And it was wonderful! I met Keri and Kim (friends from Durham) in Charlotte for the weekend. We had no agenda and no responsibility!

We ate some great food at several local places....super food - that we didn't have to cook or clean up after!

And we spent some time at the nail salon...the place was called Polished and was unlike any nail place I've seen....it was inexpensive...and run by oriental ladies...but there were about 40 spa pedicure seats and as many manicure seats...and they offer free drinks - beer, wine, coke, etc!

We spent some time at the mall and shopping in some of the many boutique stores as well. Sunday morning we went to Barnes and Noble, got a cup of coffee and a stack of magazines, and just chilled! It felt so good to just to nothing!

Kim's big purchase of the weekend was a UNC Snuggie!

I am blessed to have such great girlfriends - so refreshing to have people to really talk to and share life with.

Kim @ 35 weeks preggo and me at 26 weeks

And special thanks to my wonderful husband for taking on all 3 kids for the weekend! He did great and the kids enjoyed the time with him....THANKS HONEY!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Is it really going to be a high of 74 degrees today, just the 2nd of February?? I'm definitely not complaining! We have had some great weather over this last month - I don't have my usual "stir-crazy from inside activities" that I normally do this time of year.

The boys and I went and checked out a new playground today. It is great! Its huge with lots of things to entertain kids of all ages. Griffin loved climbing on all of the rope webs - I just try not to look - he loves to go as high as possible! (go figure!) Graham played in short bursts on the little kids playground but mostly I just followed him around the big kids side...this pregnant momma had her workout climbing up ladders and stairs and going through tunnel slides! The entire ground is made of recycled tires so its pretty soft and cushy.

wild man junior

and wild man senior

riding the ladybug

We decided to make an entire morning of it so we went to Chic-fil-a afterwards and had lunch...and then played on their playground until it was time to get Avery from school! Both of the boys have their momma's sweet tooth so here they are enjoying icecream after lunch!