Thursday, November 14, 2013

STCE Annual Fun Run

Today the K5-2nd graders had their annual fun run fundraiser at school. They have been training to run during PE during the past month and bringing in change to raise money for the Red Cross. 

It was about 32 degrees outside this morning so the spectators  were cold but the runners were good!

 This is Griffin with one of his best buds, Nathan.

 Griffin took off with gusto!  Slow and Steady is not his  race preference - he ran hard, walked a while, and repeated! 

All of the K5 ran 1 mile…which seems like a  really long way for all of those little legs…but they did great. (After the race I over heard many of them saying they felt like puking or that they were having a heart attack!)
 Griff didn't look so hot when he finished but he perked up quickly!

 Mrs Harmon's Kindergarten class

 1-5 graders get to pick the 1 mile run or a 3 person relay…so here is Avery's team for the relay- Avery, Claire, and Avery!

 Avery was the 3rd runner in her group…so here she is, waiting on the baton to arrive. 

 almost at the finish line

Mrs Smiths 2nd Graders

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Griffin's Birthday Party

 Our sweet boy turns 6 on Monday. I never thought I would survive his toddler hood. He was wild, reckless, and into everything. But he has turned into such a loving and caring and well mannered little guy!  

Griffin wanted to have his birthday at Putt Putt this year. We invited the boys in his class and a few other close friends. (Avery was the token female…but she didn't mind! )  They had cupcakes and dipping dots ice-cream, played some golf, and spent some time in the arcade. What little boy wouldn't be in heaven?

 I really enjoyed getting to meet some of Griffin's classmates and watching their little friendships. I haven't spent any time in his classroom yet so it was good for me to put faces with the names. 

Graham loves putt putt and is hysterical to watch. 

and this dude had a blast! (as evidence by this picture!)

 Graham and Ethan

 Two of Griff's good buds from school - Jacob and Theron

 and the party princess in action….

 My sweet almost 6 year old!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No more mullet!!

At 18 months old, Carsyn had her first haircut!!  Her hair reached mullet status about a month a go and was driving her daddy crazy…so we finally strapped her down and he got to work!! 

This pic is blurry but its the best "before" picture that I got…someone wouldn't sit still for a picture. 

 Brent has given all of the kids their first haircut…not sure how that started - but pretty sure we were too cheap to pay someone to do it and I was too afraid I'd screw it up!!  But he has done a good job on all of them!!

 She was by far the wiggliest one!!  talk about moving target…

 but it looks much better. we went from mullet to bob!


 Halloween 2013….we had a ninja turtle, a lion, a beautiful bride, and a soldier.

We went to an annual neighborhood Halloween party at a friends house before heading out to trick or treat. The older kids both had several friends there - its fun to see them making friends and enjoying their classmates. 

 isn't he the cutest soldier ever???

 Avery wanted to be a bride….I'm pretty sure she just wanted to dress fancy but is starting to feel too old to dress like a princess.

the ninja turtle and lion would not pose for individual pictures!

 This is Avery's friend Deeley. The party was at her house and then we trick-or-treated with her…

this little lion had a fever but was a good sport!!  we kept her in the stroller and occupied her with suckers….she was soaking wet and really sticky by the time we got home!!