Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine Party

We were scheduled to have a playgroup valentines party last Thursday but got iced we rescheduled for Monday. My big kids were thrilled that they were able to come since school was out for Presidents day.

Grahams buddy Parker

Avery was thrilled to have a chance to play with Phoebe....dress up and make up galore!

Carsyn and her little buddy Anderson


So much for global warming, right?!  We have had snow and ice twice this AUGUSTA!  Craziness!  The ice storm was nasty. Too dangerous outside to play. No electricity inside. It was an adventurous few days!  More than once we sat in the van on the driveway with heat blasting, movies playing, and cell phones charging!

The ice started falling late Tuesday night and continued to fall most of Wednesday. Wednesday night was awful-  I laid in bed just listening to the popping and crashing of branches. So eerie since you could really see outside - I kept getting up and trying to look out with my flashlights to see what had fallen or what was broken....Thankfully, nothing damaged the broken board on the playset was all the permanent damage we ended up with. 

their was a constant stream of birds

looking out the front door

views from the road

and the beauty amongst the chaos

Thanks to our neighbors construction crew, my hard working husband, and Griffin, our yard is cleaned up and mostly back in order!  Griffin spent hours upon hours raking and hauling debris away with Brent - he was in heaven out there!  We have a few dangling  branches left and tons of pinecones in the yard, but thats it!  

Averys Party

In lieu of a Valentines party, Avery's class came up with another idea. The kids dressed like cowboys and cowgirls and each student wrote a poem or story about a farm. They invited parents to come to the class, each student read their poem to everyone, the kids did a line dance that they had learned, and then they had chili and snacks. 

Avery did much better than I anticipated - several kids chickened out and wouldn't read their poem in front of everyone and a few read from their seats - but Avery stood up front and read without hesitating. 

 The girls - about to do their line dance

 look at her posing for the camera!