Friday, July 31, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Nina and Big Daddy's Visit

Nina and Big Daddy came this weekend for a visit. They arrived on Friday afternoon, just as naps were ending....the kids were thrilled and absolutely wild to see who had come! We hung out for the afternoon and then headed to chapel hill for Fridays on the Front Porch at the Carolina Inn. The kids didn't do quite as much dancing as normal, but they tackled Big Daddy constantly! The weather was perfect as we enjoyed a picnic and some bluegrass! (thanks for the pictures christa!)

Mikey and Brent got to go play some golf on Saturday morning - they enjoyed their manly bonding! Brent always is thrilled when he gets to spend a morning on the golf course! Mom and I took the kids to the pool so she could see avery's mad swimming skills! Avery enjoyed getting to show off to Nina!

Saturday night we actually had an adult evening out!! This rarely happens in our household so I was probably more excited than anyone!!! We had an incredible dinner at the Angus Barn in Raleigh. Its an old barn that has been transformed into a nice steak house and lounge. We had a long, delicious dinner and then took a tour of the wine cellar. so cool!
Thanks for a wonderful weekend Nina and Big Daddy! We loved it! See you next month!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things I'm Loving Lately - Part I

Merritt's "Things I'm Loving Lately" List:

1. Dunkin Donuts iced lattes - This is my new found weakness. Maybe its because I can get 5 of them for the price of 1 frapp at Starbucks. Thanks to dear Harris Teeter, I get at least 1 coupon a week for an iced latte (on the back of my receipt)....and we just happen to have a DD 2 minutes away from the house....mmmm....

2. Peaches and Cherries - I LOVE fresh fruit and kind of go into withdrawal over the winter...but I guess I try to eat a year's worth of fruit in the summer. Peaches have always been my favorite fruit (along with blueberries) and we've gotten some great cherries lately. In fact, when I buy cherries, Brent and I eat them constantly so that the other person doesn't get more!

3. So You Think You Can Dance - I have no dancing ability. Maybe that's why I enjoy watching others who can actually dance. This is just another cheesy competition shows but its the only show that I watch regularly. In fact, every tuesday night at 8 my carton of ice cream and I have a TV date!

4. Target bathing suits - this one may sound weird. i haven't done much swimming in the past 5 years and therefore, have only bought 1 (non-maternity) bathing suit since brent and I got married. But suddenly this summer, I've been spending lots of time at the pool - so I needed more than my 1 suit. Thankfully, Target had a ton of $14/piece suits - so I bought a few! I'm loving them!

5. EBAY - Let me warn you that ebay is addicting - so don't start unless you're willing to be committed!!! I go through short bursts of ebay addiction. I don't buy a ton of stuff on ebay but since i have expensive tastes, i like to get the kids "dress" clothes off of ebay - little smocked dresses, jon jons, shoes, etc. Lately I've been hunting for their fall dress's one find...


I'm a slacker!

I am way behind in my blogging - can't believe its almost been 2 weeks! sorry! I have no real excuses - we've been in town and just hanging out! We've continued spending lots of time at the pool and some mornings at the playground. I've worked a few extra days. Brent is on his second month of being on "surgery service" which means his days have been long and his back is sore. But nothing really new!! Here are a few pics from our morning...and I'll try to get back on track with my updates!
griffy on the swing
avery's "big girl" pony tail - doesn't it make her look so old?

our kids favorite new treat is to get a "white" dunkin donuts munchkin! (could be because mommy's favorite new treat is an DD iced latte with my 99 cent coupons from harris teeter!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Little Fish

We've been spending a lot of time at the pool this summer. Avery has become a pro and loves to put her head under while she swims. She also loves to jump off the side all by herself - she and her little friends even hold hands and jump together. She had to get a pair of "gobbles" though before she consistently put her head under!

swimming with her "gobbles"

griffy is ultra floatable but its the only way i can handle them both on my own! he will go all over the place by himself and also loves to jump to mommy off the edge.

time to refuel!

Anna Claire is one of avery's favorite playmates

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence Day

Griffin, Creighty, and Ellie enjoying their treat

We enjoyed celebrating the 4th of July this year with friends here in Durham. The Likes graciously hosted a cook out and everyone had a blast....Delicious grilled tenderloin for the adults and popsicles for the kids!!! what a deal!

I tried to explain to Avery that it was America's birthday - and that America was the country where she lived...later, when i told her we were going to Carter's house, she said, " oh, is she coming to America's too?" Too cute!
the boys - just chillin'

Daddy gave the girls a few spins around the yard at full throttle!

Blueberry Pickin'

Brent had a long weekend over the 4th so we took the kids blueberry picking one morning - Brent grew up picking blueberries but I had never been. We pulled up to the "farm" and there were about 40 cars in the field - but they had a couple hundred bushes so there were enough berries for all!

We ended up getting almost 5 pounds picked before the kids had had enough. They both enjoyed it and picked a lot themselves...we did end up with a few green berries hidden in our bucket - thank you griffin!

Griffin also learned early on that they were edible so he put as many in his mouth as he did the bucket!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Recipe for Disaster

This is a situation I try to avoid at all cost...its definitely very cute - and waranted a picture - but not a good situation!!!
2 kids, asleep in the car, before 12 noon = 2 tired kids, both wanting to be held, no one willing to eat lunch, and neither wanting an afternoon nap!!!

Dress Up Queen

I called Avery into the kitchen this morning for breakfast and this is what walked around the corner...I just died laughing! She is hysterical these days!