Monday, July 15, 2013

Days in Mobile

We left the beach on Thursday morning and made a 3 hour drive (in the rain) to visit Gammy in Mobile. Gammy and Brent enjoyed digging thru the attic and pulling out Brent and Cara's old toys for the kids to play with... We took the kids to Pump it Up for some indoor energy burning time.... we ate at the Oyster house ...met some friends we hadn't seen in 10 years and their 4 kids for lunch and play... missed seeing another good friend and her fam...enjoyed Dreamland ribs with some extended family...and played lots of hand and foot (cards) - all in 3 days!! It was a great but exhausting visit!!

the boys helped Uncle Gene make peach ice-cream.

 Gammy and the boys

 this girls loves the camera!

 Gammy got the kids all a hula hoop so we saw lots of this during our visit!!

Family Beach Pictures

 Lets be honest - its almost impossible to get a good picture when you have 1 kid, let a lone 4!! And between Grahams "cheese" face when he shuts his eyes and throws his head back and Griffin's lack of participation in this picture time, I didn't really get any great group shots....So here's to what we got!!

 These 2 are both super photogenic!

 Graham Charles, 3 years old

 Avery Brooke, just turned 7 years old

 Griffin Patrick, 5 and 3/4's!

Beach Trip 2013

We got back last night from a 9 day trip. We packed lots in to our time away though!  We arrived at Big Daddy and Nina's beach house in Grayton Beach FL on  Friday night a little before 11 PM!  And that was after driving through monsoons for 8 hours. 

This sign hangs outside the front door at the beach house and we tried hard to keep all of these rules each day...

Big Daddy likes to spoil us all...donuts and snow cones for the kids, cappuccino muffin for me, fried seafood for Brent, and homemade key lime pie for us all!! And Nina busted out a homemade Frappaccino recipe that was amazing!!

Our trip went WAY better than anticipated. Those of you with little kids know that the beach is a lot of hard work for the adults and great fun for the kids!!!  But even Brent and I had a great time this year! I think it will get easier each year as more kids can get themselves ready and carry their own junk!  Brent and I haven't braved a beach trip without my parents yet and they are amazing helpers!! (plus they are great partners for cards!)

The kids loved the beach this year. Avery and Griffin spent most of their time in the ocean, catching fish with nets and jumping waves with Brent. Graham got in the ocean a little but also spent lots of time in the sand. Carsyn didn't really like the sand but was super happy when we just sat her in big "puddles" to play in!  

 Carsyn and Nina

 totally loving her puddle!

 watching for fish - they caught tons of fish and crab this year.

 Graham loved taking walks on the beach with Nina, playing with the beach ball, and flying kites.

 and little miss wore herself out!

 Avery remembered having snow cones in previous beach trips so this was her request!

 our oldest beach bum - she stayed super busy catching fish, jumping waves, and cartwheeling down the beach!

I didn't get many actual beach pictures of these 2 because this is what they did the entire time!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July

Brent was off yesterday so we enjoyed a day of festivities. Despite the clouds and rain showers, we headed to the pool in the morning. We did some swimming and ate a good BBQ lunch. They also had carnival games and bounce houses set up so the kids were thrilled to score lots of junk, I mean prizes. 

We have never taken the kids to see fireworks - I am not a fan of doing something with a lot of work and hassle and having the kids just melt down... But Griffin had really been talking about fireworks and asking to see them, so we took them last night to a parking deck downtown and watched fireworks from there!!  (read: no traffic, no walking 10 minutes to find a place to sit, etc) We went we our friends the Burgners, packed some snacks, and just hung out for a while. 

 This girl is so photogenic!  (just like her sister) and absolutely loves the camera!

 her cheese face

 two of my guys

 this one didn't work

 aren't I a hottie?!

 Griff took this one

 the boys - Parker, Griffin, and Graham - too busy eating to smile

 the girls - Avery, Phoebe, and Ava

 this boy loves his sweets!

Emily and myself with the littles...Anderson and Carsyn

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ice cream in a bag

One of Brent's patients sent him home with a goody bag yesterday. It contained the ingredients and recipe for making ice cream in a we tried it out last night! 

 Everyone needs a pint size zip lock bag. Add 2 TBSP of sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, and 1 pint half and half. Zip bag tightly. 

 Then you place 1/2 cup salt and ice cubes in a gallon size zip lock bag. Place your smaller bag inside as well and seal tightly. 

 Then you shake shake shake for 7-8 minutes.  Feel the smaller bag to determine when it begins to feel firm. 

 Add M & M's or your topping of choice and enjoy!

But eat fast because it melts fast!!