Monday, April 29, 2013

Carsyn Turns One!!

This little one had her first birthday on Sunday...its been quite a year with her so glad we have all survived! We celebrated her day with church, lunch at Cracker Barrel, and cake with Nina and Big Daddy!

after a taste or two, carsyn decided she was not a fan of cake and icing!

totally ticked off that she cant get this junk off her hands!

Thanks to Nina and Big Daddy for her new suitcase!

way too tire to be opening gifts!

Grahams Touch-A-Truck party

Those of you who know Graham, know that he loves trucks, tractors, and all things with wheels!!  So I had a wild idea to have a touch-a-truck party for him where kids were able to sit and play on all sorts of vehicles....not sure of how to pull it  off, I did some investigating and phone calling...Graham's 3rd birthday party was the result! 

We  invited his friends from his Bible study class, friends from playgroup, and 3 friends from school. We had a huge turn out! I was able to get a bobcat, small excavator, firetruck, police car, and four wheeler for the party. We had it at the kids school so we were able to use the playground as well. And thank the Lord, the rain stopped for exactly the length of the party!!

Griff on the fire truck

Avery, driving the excavator

Big Daddy, handcuffed and in the police car

Birthday Boy and Daddy by the firetruck!

Daddy is in trouble now!

Avery and her boyfriend (AKA Lucas!)

Graham and Brooks on the four wheeler

Cupcake time!  (I will say that Graham disappeared early on in the party and I found him eating a cupcake all by himself!)

Happy Birthday to our 3 year old!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Boy

 Graham had his big 3 year old birthday on Saturday. He was super excited and had been talking about his birthday for months. He wanted a birthday hat on before he would even eat his breakfast!!  We had a fun day with cousins Clayton and Grant in town visiting. We grilled out for lunch and then had cupcakes to celebrate....

 Lego cars and a road rug were right up this boys alley!! he hasn't stopped playing with it yet!

We are having Graham's party next weekend and his check up next stay tuned for his official " three year old" blog!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break - Day 5!

We survived our week at home!! (really, I should say that I survived a week of no school with all the kids!)

 Our plans for today were to go to a park that has fountains that kids can play in - but we woke up to clouds and rain!!  So plan B was the mall. Not too exciting for me but the kids always enjoy going. We don't even go into a single store - so its not a shopping trip!  But there are  car rides, a train to ride, a playground, and cookies!  I packed a lunch today so we ate out of our  lunch boxes in the food court and then the kids picked out a cookie at the Great American Cookie Co.

 This train is pretty cool and Graham has a fit to ride it. It goes around the bottom floor of the mall for about 5 minutes per ride. Avery wanted the front seat today...

and the boys wanted the caboose!

These cars run off of I give everyone a set amount (enough for 2 rides) and let them at it!  Avery and Griffin teamed up today and shared each of their rides!

the tow truck is grahams favorite

 The playground. Even Carsyn got to participate today!

I must admit that I am excited that tomorrow these 4 will be with a babysitter while Brent and I head to the Masters for the day!  

Spring Break - Day 3

One of the big parks in Evans had a "family day" on Wednesday afternoon. One of our sitters (haley) and I took the kids - I was anticipating a small event, maybe a few inflatables and extra things...but there was a ton of stuff and even more people!!! So glad I wasn't there by myself - we wouldn't have made it!! Graham was hot and tired and wanted to be held the entire time...and it was HOT HOT HOT outside!

 We got dippin dots in effort to cool us down and perk Graham up!

this little one is getting so big.  she loves to be out and about but wants to be loose and down!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break - Day 2

Today's outing - Great Clips for haircuts and then picnic at the playground! Fortunately the big 3 like getting haircuts and actually ask to go sometimes...and they get stickers or suckers afterwards! Great Clips was busy today and really slow- we were there for a full hour! (pretty sure we only really annoyed 1 old man who kept glaring at me - but the kids were fairly well behaved!  Maybe he didn't appreciate the boys sword fighting with the giant plastic scissors!)

While I was paying Graham gave Carsyn her first sucker!!!  Caught me off guard when I put her seat in the car and noticed she had one in her mouth!!  She enjoyed it and cried when I took it away!  And yes, Carsyn is still in her pajamas - thats what happens when you are child #4!!

After haircuts, we went to a park that is close to the house. Graham spent most of his time on this "tractor" - riding it, changing its wheels, and "working" on it with his mulch knives...

We enjoyed a picnic lunch...

...went on a nature walk and picked "flowers"...

Spring Break - Day 1

The kids are out of school this week for  Masters Week  - known to other cities as Spring Break! We are in town - Brent is working - and we are getting to go to the Masters on Saturday...but that leaves a lot of days with all 4 kids at home!  All off us do better if we have some form of scheduled activity so my goal is to take them on an outing of some sort everyday...

Day one was kids choice - and their favorite place to go is Monkey Joes...I can't quite handle Graham and Carsyn there by myself since Graham needs constant supervision and needs help climbing up some of the one of our babysitters came with us! 

 My big two!  (avery is pouting because I said she could only spend "2 of her dollars" on video games!!)

 Pretty sure Graham gave Haley a workout!!  She and I took turns being on Graham or Carsyn duty!

 this little wild thing wanted down - but had to stand over her so she didn't get trampled by big kids!

 We got Icees as a little treat (per avery's request) but neither of the boys liked theirs!!

best part of monkey joes = worn out kids!!

Visit from Friends

Some of our dearest friends in Durham were Keri and Leo Fitzsimmons. Keri and I met when the girls were in 3 year old preschool together. We noticed that we had boys the same age so decided to have a playdate while the girls were in school. Who knew that playdate would lead to life long friends!

The Fitzsimmons came to visit last weekend. They have 3 kids that are the same age and gender as everyone has a friend and they play great together! 

Kaylee and Avery worked hard planning a tea party. 

they even did our hair and makeup!

the big boys came to the tea party only briefly - but were quickly dismissed because (in kaylee's words) they were burping, slurping, and not eating with their pinkies up!

carsyn enjoyed some sweet potatoes at the tea party!

we filled the wheelbarrow with water, turned on the sprinkler, and handed out water guns one afternoon!

the girls made up dances to praise songs

this one is for you keri!

Brent cook beer butt chicken for dinner and we enjoyed the evening out back.

avery and kaylee

our 2 year olds - refused to sit next to each other to have their picture taken!
Graham and Shane

Bryce and Griffin

everyone but Carsyn!