Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mommy Daughter Time

As a mommy of 3 little ones, I rarely have individual time with either of the older kids. Kind of sad, but its reality. I am really wanting to start making a little one-on-one time a little more often.

This weekend Griffin and I went to a birthday party at the Little Gym together and had some hang-out time on Saturday...and then on Sunday, Avery and I went on a mommy/daughter outing with 2 other families.

UNC was having a gymnastics meet to benefit breast cancer. It was almost like a womens health fair but had some kids activities as well. We went with Kim and Katelyn Runkle and Keri and Kaylee Fitzsimmons. The girls enjoyed coloring a picture, getting their nails painted, and eating cupcakes and popcorn. Avery really liked watching the girls on the vault and the floor the best.


  1. So glad that you were able to get out with Avery for some girl time! Looks like everyone had a good time! Second that on the cute dress!

  2. Jeeze Merritt. Her hair is so cute. You are amazing. Patrick's attempting to grow out his hair again. Is there a chance he'd let me try braids for the fun of it? Probably not! Avery may just have to come out and hang with her Aunt Anna on occasion...

  3. Avery may be the cutest girl i have ever seen, gotta love her(: