Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time in Jasper

Griffin, Aeneas, Addison, Patrick, Avery

Once we packed up and left Durham, we headed to the cabin to await a phone call telling us when our stuff would be delivered to our new house. That phone call ended up not coming until the end of the week so we had almost a full week to spend in Jasper. Thankfully, we had some good family time while we were there.

Justin and Anna and their boys were there all week so we had lots of time to spend with them, which was especially nice since they live sooo far away and we don't get to see them very often. Ann and her girls were there some of the time and then we got to see Preston/LeeAnn and Nina/Big Daddy briefly at the end.

Kale (preston's oldest) and Graham

Preston and Avery, playing frisbee

We swam in the lake, played on the playground, rode 4 wheelers, kids learned to throw a frisbee, played lots of cards, ate great food, and had many lazy days! It was a good reprieve after the previous weeks of chaos!


all of the big cousins: addison (peytons 1st), Aeneas (justins 2nd), Griffin, Patrick (justins 1st), Avery

We picked blackberries one evening and made a delicious cobbler!

sorry its sideways!

The kids LOVED the four wheelers and were thrilled to get to "drive" them for their first time!

(Sister-in-law Anna with Griffin)

Graham discovered dishes and pots/pans during our travels...

We had cake and ice cream to celebrate Peyton's birthday!

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  1. What gorgeous cousins i have! Miss em'! How was the cobbler?