Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snowflake Showoff

The kids gymnastics classes had a " Snowflake Showoff" on Wednesday night. The parents were able to come out onto the floor and around the other equipment to watch their kids. The older classes marched onto the floor in lines like they do in real gymnastics competitions. And they got ribbons and certificates at the end. Brent was able to make it so we split up and tried to divide time between kids so that everyone had a parent! (not sure how this is going to work once we have 4 kids involved in stuff!)

Here is Avery's class lining up to march in...

ready to show off!

cartwheels on a line

backward rolls

posing for a picture after receiving her ribbon

and here is Griff's class - they use the smaller gym in a separate building (there are 2 other boys in Griffin's class but just not in this picture!)

working on their stretching

the high bar!

doing bunny hops on the big beam with miss april