Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grayton Beach 2012

We spent last week at my parent's beach house in Grayton Beach. My parents and Brent's mom joined us and we had a great time. The kids loved having all their grandparents there; I loved having lots of extra hands around! 

Overall, we had great weather. We spent mornings on the beach. Mid-day was rest time for kids and card-playing happy hour for adults. Late afternoon was pool time. All 3 big kids loved the ocean and jumping waves. Graham was too cute - he'd say, "Big wave, hop!"

we had rain one afternoon while the boys were sleeping so avery played outside in the rain!

our toothless wonder!

I am pretty sure that Brent played and swam as hard as the kids did!

fierce game of Go Fish

We at lots of seafood all week, mostly cooked by Chef Big Daddy!  Avery and Griffin chowed down on some crab claws...thanks for bringing them Gammy!

Brent and I escaped one evening for a nice dinner at Cafe 30a and a walk around the neighborhood.

Our little man, chillin on the beach!

baby beach bum

lovin' the ocean

playing in the lagoon (or as they called it, "the lake")

our bathing beauty

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  1. I had a wonderful time with you all there at the beach. Thanks so much for having me. The family picture is sooo good. I don't know how you are always able to get such good pictures of the family!!