Thursday, October 25, 2012

Baby Shower

 We were lucky enough to have Hannah and Landon join us in the mountains this year. They live in Utah so they don't normally make it to the mountains and we don't get to see them very often.  AND, since they are expecting their first baby in January, we had a little mini baby shower while we were all together. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate with them!

 Baby Girl McBrayer is due to arrive on January 19 - Landon's birthday!!

 Ann, Merritt, Hannah, Haley, LeeAnn

Only with my brothers could you get away with a  Baby Bottle Beer chugging contest!!

 Loving all the baby goodies!

 Thanks for the story Uncle Doons!

Camden, using yarn to guess the size of Hannah's belly

This little man took a long nap so he was the only kiddo to get to enjoy the ice cream sundae bar!

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