Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lights of the South

 We have had a great family weekend. Brent came home early from work on Friday so he cooked dinner. Then we watched a Rudolph/Frosty Christmas movie with the kids. ( Graham just harassed everyone else as they tried to watch it.) On Saturday, Griffin had his first basketball game so we went to that. Brent spent the afternoon making the kids a Christmas present - a big 6' x 6' sandbox. They will love it!  And then, Saturday night we headed out to dinner and then on to see the Lights of the South.  

 headed off on a hayride through the light display

 mommy and carsyn (she enjoyed some of the lights but we were out way past her bed time!)

 Griffin playing on the train

 sitting in Cinderella's carriage

We had stuff to make s'mores in the fire pits at the lights place...but we had 3 melting down children so we settled for eating marshmallows in the car on our drive home!


  1. Graham's movie MO sounds just like Cole's...Also, we did preschool at FBC Augusta when we were there!