Monday, June 3, 2013

Nina and Big Daddy's

Brent spent the last week hunting birds in Argentina with one of my brothers, an uncle, and a cousin. To help the days pass a little quicker, the kids and I  headed to my parents for a few days. A change of scenery, different toys, and some extra hands are always nice!

 This girl LOVED the trampoline!  She would bob her head up and down and tried to make herself bounce!

 a few cousins came on Thursday afternoon so we got to hang out with them for a bit. 

 my little fishy

 Kale, Griff, Clayton, and Avery with Big Daddy

 The boys always love being with Big Daddy - they get to work on things, help with projects, and this time, they got to catch chipmunks!

 The park in the neighborhood next to mom/mikes has been redone and was surprisingly really nice!  

 we brought bread for the ducks and waited for them but none came close enough to the kids each ate their piece of bread!!

We met some of my friends from high school and their kids at a splash park on Friday morning before we headed home. It was a little chilly for Avery and my little 2 were crabby but Griffin enjoyed it!  (the boys are all sitting on a fountain - can you say water enema?!)

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