Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Family Meeting

Mom and Mike had all 7 of the "kids" down to the cabin for the weekend. No spouses or grandchildren...(well, except for hannah since she was the bearer of the newest grandchild!)  We had a family meeting with mom/mikes financial  advisor...

mom/mike shared their views and wisdom regarding money and then we went thru "estate planning" type stuff. I thought it was a great idea to get all the kids on the same page and for us to know mom/mikes intentions and heart  - straight from them while they are still around to tell us!

It was also great to have time with just siblings. no kids as distractions. and we could have conversation and hang out and enjoy each other. 

 This is Landon and Hannah's baby - Gillian. Since they live in Utah, this is the first time all of us were able to meet her. Just precious and full of funny expressions. 

 some things never change...preston is licking the inside of the icecream machine!

 The original Pat/Charleen crowd...

 and with our little momma!

 and Mikey's side...

 and here is the post-merger family!

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