Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No more mullet!!

At 18 months old, Carsyn had her first haircut!!  Her hair reached mullet status about a month a go and was driving her daddy crazy…so we finally strapped her down and he got to work!! 

This pic is blurry but its the best "before" picture that I got…someone wouldn't sit still for a picture. 

 Brent has given all of the kids their first haircut…not sure how that started - but pretty sure we were too cheap to pay someone to do it and I was too afraid I'd screw it up!!  But he has done a good job on all of them!!

 She was by far the wiggliest one!!  talk about moving target…

 but it looks much better. we went from mullet to bob!


  1. How sweet! Can't believe she had that much hair! Brent also gave Cenley her first haircut!

  2. So cute! I was about to say the same thing, Mom did! :)