Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Day

Easter was this big boy's 4th birthday!  So we started off our morning with a new bike for our 4 year old...he loves to go out and ride, or in his words "have bicycle training."

Then on to Easter baskets before church....legos for this boy!

and new umbrellas (that actually work) for all!

Carsyn had 1 candy in her basket - a thing of M & M's - but if you ask her about Easter, her only response is "candy!"

After church we had brunch at the West Lake Club. This is a new stage of photographs for Griff - always some crazy pose....

this girl LOVES her brothers!

"hunting" (AKA collecting) eggs - 
Carsyn was more interested in waving at the Easter bunny and showing him her basket than she was in actually getting eggs!

stopping to check out his loot

and this is Griffin's little kindergarten crush...Laura Leigh....he giggles and blushes when you mention her name....

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  1. i LOVE the picture of Griffin and Carsyn. And Graham is so cute with is tongue out - do all of your kids do this? They are all getting so big! And I still can't believe how light Carsyn's hair and eyes are compared to the other 3. Really miss you all!