Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let it snow!!!

We awoke this morning to a little over 1 inch of snow, and the sky was still showering it down. Griffin had no clue what to think of it but became really excited once he saw Avery's reaction! She has only seen snow once in real life but has a few movies with snow - so she knew it meant snowmen and "rolling" (AKA snow angels!). She was giddy as she looked out the window this morning...needless to say, we were already playing in the snow at 7:30 AM! But it didn't last too long because the little princess wouldn't leave her gloves on and started crying because her hands were cold! Griffin just fell over continually but smiled all the same.

After Griffy's morning nap, we headed over to the Likes house (along with the Masseys) so the mommy's could sip mimosas while the kids played! Then we had grilled cheeses and tomato soup for everyone! The snow continued to fall until around 1 and we ended up with about 3-4 inches of it!


  1. Man, I wish it were a day earlier. Hate I missed it all but it sure looks like fun!

  2. sounds like the perfect day!!! so happy to hear that avery and griffin get to experience and enjoy the wonders of snow!

  3. Are we coming to your house tomorrow???? I'll bring the mimosas!