Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Day - take 2!

Here are a few more pictures from day 2 of playing in the snow...the kids did much better today - i had to make avery come in after about 45 minutes because griffy was an icecube! she would have stayed out forever! she did drag brent out the minute he got in from work and they played for another 45 minutes or so! its melting today so it will probably be another year before we see snow again!

Sledding with Daddy

Making a snow angel

The worlds shortest snowman!

Griffin's turn to sled


  1. ah!!! i just LOVE seeing these red-nosed munchkins in the snow! that a cardboard box?

  2. cardboard boxes make a great poor-man's sled!!!

  3. Bring Avery to CO. I think she's ready to ski! Enjoying the snow and staying warm is half the learning curve! (Although I'm not sure if that is partly Mommy's learning curve too.)