Thursday, February 18, 2010

Avery and Griffin's Room

Brent has spent several hours over the last 2 weekends getting Avery's room ready to become Avery AND Griffin's room...the walls were a light cream color so they were already very marked up and dirty - so we decided to go ahead and paint. We painted it a khaki color, very neutral and good for resell!

Brent let the kids put on the first few strokes of paint....they thought it was ultra-cool to get to paint the walls! I just hope they don't try that without our supervision one day!

(note the tongue sticking out...someone else I know does that...)

Brent also changed out all of the electrical outlets and light switches and covers. (they were old-school beige and had been painted the old room color.) We took out the pink rug, pink lamp, and pink chair in hopes of making Griffin feel a little more welcome!!


  1. Awww...I can't wait to hear how the transition goes :). What does Avery think about the pink going away?

  2. that so awesome that the kids are involved in the "room project"! are you ready for another baby and another room?