Saturday, January 22, 2011

9 months old already!

Graham turned 9 months old on Thursday. I truly cannot believe it. The time seems to go by quicker with each child...and I sometimes fear that I don't spend enough time just enjoying Graham, but instead merely drag him around as I care for the older 2. I've really had to make a conscience effort to remind myself to sit down on the ground and do "patty cake" for 20 minutes or sit and babble with him just for fun.

Graham had his check up on Friday - his noggin' is still McBrayer-sized (AKA: large), his height is 28.5 inches (50%), and his weight is 18 lbs, 1 oz (dropped down to the 10%). Other than decrease in weight %, Dr. Cooley says he looks great. Graham has had 3 ear infections in less than 2 months, UGH! I'm hoping that now that we are over #3, his appetite will pick back up...and I'm crossing my fingers that we don't get another one!

We've met some major milestones this month: Over Christmas break, he started army crawling, doing the inchworm, and attempting a crawl on all fours. Since then he has pretty-much perfected his crawl. And then just this week, Graham learned how to pull himself to standing...and is now continually standing. He has virtually ZERO balance, yet thinks he can just let go of what he's holding onto. Needless to say, he currently has 3 bruises on his forehead.

As he has become more mobile, the time he tolerates the jumper and exersaucer has greatly diminished! He still enjoys them, but only in short bursts...which makes my life harder since I need to be focused on him and within arm's reach when he's loose! I've also had to move to constant "floor patrol" - making sure no polly pocket pieces or plastic bolts or whatever else the older 2 are playing with are left for Graham to discover!

Graham is loving finger foods and seems to prefer feeding himself to being spoon-fed. Its become a challenge to get enough in him. But he will eat as many puffs, yogurt melts, graham crackers, cheese, and banana pieces as you'll give him! But if you come at him with a spoon, he's bound to swat you!

This little man is still all smiles and he loves to flirt with strangers! He is extra entertained by Avery and smiles the second he sees her! He laughs at everything she does and she seems to thrive on his giggles! Griffin continues to be my main helper and loves to retrieve toys or pacifiers or diaper or whatever I need.
We're looking forward to the months to come!