Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dinner with Friends

This Parnell clan had a really relaxing, 3 day weekend this past weekend. For the past 2 months, Brent has spent a lot of his free time studying for boards so this was the first non-work, non-study weekend in a LONG time...and we enjoyed it!

I got to sleep in a little (does 7:45 really count as sleeping in?) and get a pedicure on Saturday (while enjoying a Starbucks and some gossip magazines...). Brent and the kids got out in the yard some and did a little work. Saturday night we made a pot of chili and had some friends over to spend the evening. We met the Fitzsimmons through Avery's preschool class last year - and have enjoyed their friendship over this past year. Kaylee is one of Avery's best friends and Bryce is Griffin's best bud.

The girls spent most of their evening playing dress-up.

and here are the cutest super heroes ever - holding hands!!

getting "in" on the action!

Our weekend continued with church Sunday morning and then a quiet afternoon. We met the Runkles for some BBQ for dinner and enjoyed getting to catch up with them. And then Monday night, Brent's boss had us over for a dinner party. We enjoyed the childless night out!!

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