Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tea Party

For about 2 weeks now, Avery has been talking nonstop about 3 friends from school. Everyday when I pick her up, she asks if I have called their moms yet! So I finally got around to it and we planned a tea party for Avery and her 3 new friends.

Avery picked out most of the decor and helped plan/make the food. I found a set of espresso cups with saucers at Ross' for about $7 and they made the perfect tea cups for little people! We invited the girls over on Sunday from 2-4, so that the boys would be napping and not interrupt.

The girls did lots of planning and talking among themselves too - they decided on their own to wear fancy church dresses. Here is part of an email from one of their mom's: "Okay, just to be sure. Emma is going to wear a Sunday dress this okay? Apparently she and Lola discussed the tea party yesterday and Lola told her that she was going to wear a church dress but she was also bringing a princess dress for dress-up. Should I send dress up clothes for Emma?" This made Brent and I laugh to realize that the girls were planning!

Lola, Emma, Nadia, Avery

They had cupcakes, brownie bites, fruit kabobs and strawberries with whipped cream! Quite a feast!

After their tea, the girls played dress up in the playroom for a while and then spent the rest of their time together in the backyard. The tea party was a success and Avery is already planning the next one!


  1. What a little Princess! How fun is that :). I am so happy to see Avery with so many new friends.