Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Long Weekend

Over Labor Day, we stayed in town and enjoyed a nice long weekend. I had lots little projects for Brent - picture hanging, moving furniture, putting up curtain rods, etc - so he accomplished a lot for me!

On Saturday, we went to some friend's house for a football season kick off party. Brent and kids were proudly dressed in their Alabama gear. (I don't have an AL shirt...) We had a low country boil and tons of delicious food. The kids enjoyed having friends and new toys to play with.

one of the guys there mentioned to avery that he had a jeep....and she immediately asked for a ride!

The family we were with have 2 little boys - Lucas is 3 and Ethan is 2.

being silly

just enjoyed a cupcake

Lucas, Avery, Griff, Ethan

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