Saturday, October 1, 2011

Training Them Young

Griffin is really into helping Brent with the yard...well, every since he was a little dude, he followed directly behind Brent as he mowed the yard. Since moving to our new house and our big yard, he not only "lawn mowers" but he also picks up stick and pine cones and helps rake! Too cute!

yes, he's wearing a bike helmet. He tends to hop from activity to activity rather quickly!

proud of his pile of pine straw

and our littlest dude wanted in on the action as well!

you lookin' at me?


  1. I love Griffin's little pose in the first one! I can't believe how big the boys are getting! I miss you all!

  2. I love Griffy's smile, i can't wait to see them in the Mountains. Looking foward to getting to know the little one a bit more!