Friday, October 28, 2011

Disney Bound!

Its official! We are going to Disney! Nina and Big Daddy have been busy planning a trip to Disney World - for the entire family!! (29 people!!) They took the opportunity to tell all of the kids who were present while in the mountains.

graham, kale, avery, addie, saeran, griff

here they are - awaiting special news from Nina and Big Daddy. Each of the kids got a Disney toy camera as a treat...

nina made each family a "count down" book so the kids could have a visual of "when are we going?"

griff, checking out our countdown book

and of course, we have family vacation tshirts!! The kids have bright orange and lime green so we can spot them easily...they say " Peace, Love, Nina and Big Daddy" on them.

and the back have Big Daddy's phone number in case they get lost!

Our trip will be full of chaos and noise and craziness - but we are soooo excited to have such a special time with all of our family!

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  1. That's Awesome! Sounds like a fun and WILD trip! :)