Sunday, November 20, 2011

19 months and counting!

Our little man turned 19 months old today! (I normally do a 18 month post but somehow never got one together!) Hard to believe this guy is already one and a half - and it makes me wonder how I survived having Griffin when Avery was 2 months younger than Graham is now!

Graham is currently a handful! He is following in Griff's footsteps in terms of his activity level - he's full steam ahead 24/7! He runs constantly; climbs everything in sight (including tables, counters, etc); takes something he knows he shouldn't have and runs away with it laughing; is proficient at climbing up and going down the slide by himself; can go up stairs easily but needs to be reminded to come down on his belly...

Graham loves to be outside - playing ball, digging in the sand, going down the slide, going on walks, collecting sticks...He is very amused by both Avery and Griffin. Avery is good at taking care of Graham and making sure he is "obeying." Griffin is good at entertaining Graham and they already rough-house together. Graham LOVES music and LOVES to dance! I absolutely love to see his little booty shake!

Graham is pretty smiley. He's mostly over his major stranger anxiety - sometimes he takes a minute to warm up - but he only cries about 25% of the time when I leave him at school or in the church nursery. He loves to wave and flirt with whoever is around and paying him attention. Graham still loves his momma and loves to hold onto her hair, but this little guy also loves his daddy! He holds onto Brent when he is attempting to get out the door to work in the mornings and squeals and runs to him arrives home from work. Graham definitely has a temper but it seems to be diminishing some as his communication skills are increasing.

Graham still doesn't have many words - momma, dada, down, done, juice, and I can't think of what else! But he has learned to communicate well with pointing, nodding yes/no, taking my hand and leading me to what he wants, patting on the fridge when he wants a drink, etc. This little man wants to do, eat, have everything the big kids are doing/eating/having. He has had more juice boxes, Popsicles, and sweet stuff than the other 2 had in their first 3 or 4 years of life! Thankfully, Graham is by far our best eater. He loves salty, tart, spicy and all the things the others still don't like!

We gave up the morning nap about 3 months ago and I think he's finally adjusted. Hard transition - wanting to be asleep by 10 but then couldn't make it until bedtime at night. Most of the time, he can make it home from getting the big kids from school (around 1:15) or he crashes in the car on the way home...He goes to be around 7 but wake up varies greatly - anywhere from 6:15 to 8:00! Totally unpredictable!

We had Graham's 18 month MD appt this week - he weighed in at 24 lbs 13 oz, right at the 30% for weight and he is 32.5 inches tall, right at the 50% for height.

I am so thankful for this little guy, even during this exhausting season of his life! He makes me laugh daily and keeps my love bucket full of cuddles!

I noticed a sudden "silence" in the house yesterday when just Graham and I were home - this normally means trouble...but he had gotten into Avery's room and was sitting quietly in the doll crib - talking on the "phone" (AKA calculator)!

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