Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Visit to 5098

We spent this past weekend in ATL with my family. Our main goal was to get our first ever family pictures taken! My friend from growing up (Kelly Turner Cavin) and her mom have a photo business and took our pictures in Mom/Mike's pasture. I've seen some of the pics and think they turned out wonderfully!

We made the most of our time there. Griffin got an early birthday present from Nina and Big Daddy - His very own wheelbarrow to work in the yard with!

The girls went to Tea Leaves and Thyme in Woodstock and had a tea party. Avery was a little hestitant for some reason - only mom and I wore hats and jewels - Avery refused to participate! But she loved the scones and thought she was big stuff pouring her own tea...and the highlight for her, was the little tongs and sugar cubes!

Brent and Mike broke in the Big Green Egg with some kickin brisket and sausage...and the kids swam in the hottub for an hour! It was a fun weekend with family!

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