Monday, January 23, 2012

From Shark Tooth to No Tooth!

Being a mother of boys continues to expose me to things I've never experienced...about 2 weeks ago, all of the kids and I were out on the driveway riding bikes, scooters, and plasma cars. Graham was on one of the plasma cars and made a sharp turn - which promptly dumped him right onto the cement - face first. I scooped him up and saw lots of blood but at first I just thought his teeth had gotten his bottom lip....but then I noticed his upper gum was full of blood and that half of his tooth was gone!

As I cleaned up the blood and consoled Graham, I tried to get Brent on the phone - and in his words, he was "between some one's legs doing an exam" so he couldn't answer the phone. I ended up talking to a dentist and took Graham the next morning to see her.

As you can see here, half of Graham's top tooth was gone! It broke off into the gum line. And over the course of the next week, the tooth pulp slowly oozed out of the inside of the tooth - nasty, mushy, and rotten looking. It eventually was hanging down lower than his top teeth - and then somehow fell off on its own.

We made it to the oral surgeon last Wednesday and they took him to the OR on Friday to have the rest of his tooth pulled. Apparently there is no good "fake tooth" substitute at this age so Graham will remain toothless until he gets his adult teeth in!

Here we are waiting in the waiting room before surgery. He was currently occupied and doing great - but we had a tough morning since he couldn't eat and I was having to feed the big kids breakfast and pack their lunches with him there! Torture!

and here we are occupying ourselves in the preop holding room...

He wouldn't let me get a good picture tonight of his toothless grin - but its going to take some getting used to!