Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years in Jasper

After enjoying Christmas chaos with the Parnell side of the family, we headed down to Jasper to spend some time relaxing at the cabin...or as much relaxing as parents of little ones can do.

Mom/Mike, Peyton/Ann, and Haley/Joel and kids joined us. We had some great weather to play outdoors; the guys did some deer and duck/goose hunting; and the girls took a trip into Madison for lunch and boutique store cruising.

We had fires roaring all FAVORITE place to sit! And apparently, our kids are following in my footsteps! Here they are first thing one morning..sleepy eyed and waiting for some hot chocolate!

enjoying the sunshine and tire swing!

nina, pushing avery on the swing while addison waits for a turn

and of course the kids had tractor rides with Big Daddy! Graham LOVED it and squealed when he had to get off!

our wild man has a soft side! he (on his own) laid down to play with Caris...

hot chocolate time!

the duck hunt that resulted in geese!

Avery and Addie got "Belle" tea carts for Christmas from Nina and Big Daddy - so we had tea parties several afternoons while the little ones were sleeping...

our littlest guy

present time

Everyone but us left on Sunday so we had a quiet last night. Brent and I had the kids in bed by 7 and spent a long evening reading by the fire! What a great way to end Christmas break!


  1. wow, your pictures are really good! looks like a fun time.

  2. I wish my New Years was that fun! Those geese are huge.