Friday, March 23, 2012

Hey Mon, No Problem!

Brent and I were fortunate enough to take a vacation to Jamaica last week. Many thanks to his mom for watching the kids (at last minute notice) so that we could take our first real vacation since our honeymoon!

We stayed at a Sandals resort where we did nothing for several days! Brent and I normally like to do active things, but being that I was 32 weeks pregnant, we wanted somewhere where we could just relax by the pool, lay on the beach, and eat good food!

This is the beach just outside of our hotel room. Watching a beautiful sunset before heading to dinner.

The only planned/organized activity that we did during our trip was take a 45 minute glass bottom boat our. We saw lots of coral and fish, a stingray, and several starfish.

The resort had 7 restaurants - and we ate at each one at least once - everything from Asian to Italian to a French cafe. During dinner this evening we sat outside and listened to a violinist play.

on our way to dinner

There were 3 pools on the resort...this is the main is right next to all of the restaurants, etc. so we camped out here most days. We would drop our beach bag and towels off in lounge chairs on our way to breakfast; eat; and then return to the pool until we got up to go eat lunch! After lunch, we normally headed out to the beach and stayed their until time to get ready for dinner. One of the great perks of doing "all-inclusive" is that there were servers constantly circulating thru the pool and beach areas who would bring you whatever you wanted!

I think I was the token pregnant lady at the resort! People did lots of second glances and stares and all of the Jamaican workers would look at my belly and talk directly to the baby!

This area of the resort had tons of nice seating and a big bar area. They had live music here most evenings. We heard a reggae band one night and a pianist play one night as a pre-dinner treat. And after dinner there was other entertainment - we heard 2 different bands play; listened to an opera singer; and watched the guy vs girl competition.

This is what I woke up to most mornings. Brent would get up and make his coffee and then sit out on the patio and read. And then I got to lay in bed for as much as an hour before getting up.

heading out to dinner

We had a wonderful trip - so nice to just get away - to be "off duty" - to have a complete conversation - to enjoy food I didn't cook - to sit through an entire meal - and just enjoy time away with my hubby! So thankful for our trip!


  1. Now that sounds relaxing! I love those black sandals BTW..

  2. Well, I did get a little bit of a run down on what you all did but it is so nice to see all the pictures. Beautiful place, sooo relaxing! Just what the Dr. ordered!!