Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nina and Big Daddy's House

The kids and I made a trip to Nina and Big Daddy's house for the last few days of their spring break. Three of my siblings and their families were able to join us so we had a few days of chaotic fun!

The weather was a little chilly so we cleared out the garage and let the kids ride bikes/scooters while confined inside...they loved it!

Kale, Avery, and Griffin

Sissy, giving bungy a ride!

Big Daddy cranked up the heater on the hot tub and pool so the kids got to play in the water, even though it wasn't too warm outside.

is this a hot tub or baby pool??

This is Graham's new "cheese" face!

Getting ready for an egg hunt....

Saeran, Addison, Avery, Griffin, Graham, Kale (not pictured: clayton, caris, and ayla)

and they are off!

showing off their loot!

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