Monday, April 2, 2012

School Easter Parties

Both Avery and Griffin had their school Easter parties and egg hunts on Friday...and this week is spring break- which in Augusta GA is called Master's Week!

I helped with Griffin's class party so I have plenty of pics from that but did manage to sneak over to catch the end of Avery's egg hunt...

Lindsay, Avery, Lola, Mariah

checking out her loot - and working really hard to open that egg!

racing to find some eggs

Griffin's class (charlotte, robert, madeline, ?, garrett, benjamin, samya, maddie, Griffin)

checking out his loot
(note about my soft hearted middle child - he found a ton of eggs and when his class lined up to go inside, he noticed a few of the kids only had a couple of eggs - so he took some of his and put them in their baskets!)

looking for eggs

my little bunny enjoying a little cupcake!

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