Monday, May 21, 2012

Splash Day

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Friday was the last day of school!  Hard to believe that another year has come and gone. Avery's class had "Splash Day" at school so Carsyn and I went to that. Griffin's class met at Chic-fil-a for a party so Gammy and Brent went with him. I'll post pics from Griffin's party once I get them off Gammy's camera...
The K5 classes rented this water could slide on your belly like a slip-n-slide or jump down the middle.
oddly enough, the weather was only about 65 degrees and overcast!  the parents were walking around with towels around them while the kids shivered in the water!  They were troopers and lasted much longer than I would have expected!
enjoying some snacks and attempting to stay warm!

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