Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy 2 Months Old!

Miss Carsyn is 2 months old today! Not sure how that happened...

Between having a new baby and the craziness of summer, life has been a blur! I heard someone say that the days are long but time flies by. So true. There are days when I think Brent will never get home or that bed time will never come - but at the same time, I wonder how Carsyn has already been a part of our lives for 2 months!

 Griffin curled up with Carsyn while watching a movie one afternoon - so cute!

 Carsyn is not a great napper. at all. She loves to be sleep while laying on your chest - but wakes up within minutes of being put down. I can't decide if its the pain of reflux or just that she is rotten already. But she sleeps fine in the carseat or swing so that is where she is naps during the day. She sleeps in the crib at night though...speaking of nights, she has been really consistent since night one - she normally wakes up at 2 and 5, although she's started throwing in some longer spurts here and there. I'm hoping to see some progression soon!

 I'm thankful that she likes her child # 4, I foresee her spending lots of time in it!

 She has been smiling at me for about 3 weeks now and I have yet to catch one on is my attempt!

 Graham is remarkably gentle and sweet with Carsyn. He loves to pat her and hold her and get all up in her face!


  1. Oh! She is so precious! Would love to get me some of those baby kisses! The pictures are just too cute!