Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pool Party!

We had a great weekend this weekend. We were home - no commitments - no one was sick - just good ole family time! We played in the yard, grilled out, took walks, made cookies, Brent took the 2 big kids to see a movie, and we spent an afternoon swimming with friends. I am a "quality time" person so I enjoyed all of the above!  Here are some pictures that our friend Erin took while swimming at her house....

 Avery has mastered swimming!  She was all over the place. Off the diving board. In the deep end. Doing handstands. Retrieving dive sticks. 100% Fish.

 And Griffin is doing great too!  This big old turtle was a favorite of all the Parnell children!

 Mommy getting attacked by an Avery!

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