Monday, September 24, 2012

Day to Day Life!

Until tonight, I had not posted a blog in almost 3 weeks! I'm a little behind and life has been a little nuts this past I'll be catching up this week!

Avery is now in school all day, not getting home until close to 4:30 most days. That doesn't leave too much time to play and hang out with Griffin. These 2 have been side by side since he was born and are really good playmates. I can tell that they have missed each other. On the weekends, they have been asking to have "rest time" together - so they spend some good time playing with just the 2 of them.

They wanted to have a tea party together on this particular I fixed a plate of goodies and filled Mrs Potts with juice and they sat outside laughing and playing for over an hour.


This is what our late afternoon and evening look like on many days. Love our driveway - lots of room to ride!

These 2 have gotten to be good buds while Sissy is away.

I couldn't help but giggle while watching Griffin play basketball in his crocs and super hero undies!
This is what the kitchen counter looks like most afternoons while I am cooking dinner. Avery has about 15-20 minutes of homework each afternoon. She sits up at the counter to work on her spelling and math...Graham insists that he work on his homework too...and Griffin is getting great practice by copying Avery's spelling words.

And Carsyn just hangs out watching the chaos that we call life!

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