Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gammy's Visit

Gammy spent all of last week here with us. During her visit I realized that unlike years past, her visits now will always be more crazy than before. With kids in school, Gammy merely jumped into our busy schedule!  There wasn't really time to do extra stuff or go places special while she was here. But it was fun to have her "see" our life - she ate lunch with avery in the cafeteria; took the kids to gymnastics; enjoyed family night at the club; had a class picnic with Griffin; watch the big kids soccer games....and spent a some time with the "littles" while the big kids were at school!

Brent cooked some ribs on the green egg so Gammy could experience that as well!


  1. Those are great pictures, Glad to see Cassidy in the one with Brent! :)

  2. I had a great time there! We did stay busy but what can you expect! There is lots going on in the Parnell family!!