Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lego Land

The kids had Monday and Tuesday off from school so Brent took the days off too so we could have some family fun. Normally when we go to Atlanta, we spend time with my we decided to do some of the ATL attractions this time. We spend Sunday at Lego Land. 

 This girl enjoyed her trip!!

 The kids really enjoyed it. There were 2 rides, lots of building stations, places to race cars you built, a 4D cinema, and a huge climbing/sliding area. Brent and I liked the movie the best and the kids probably would pick the climbing/sliding area. 

 They had an entire downtown built out of legos...including the Dome, Turner Field, and Stone Mountain...moving was really cool. 

 and there were legos of all sizes. these are big and rubber-like...


 working hard

 even Carsyn enjoyed the big blocks

 in his element!

 and there is the tongue...

waiting "in line"for the movie to start...

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  1. Sounds like all 4 kids had a wonderful time. Who couldn't have fun in a land of legos!!