Friday, February 22, 2013

GA Aquarium

We had debated between going to the zoo or the aquarium for our second outing while in since it was freezing out, we opted for the aquarium!  Brent and I had taken Avery and Griffin when they were 18 months and 3 it had been a while. They were in awe of it all. Avery's favorites were the Dolphin show and petting the stingray and sharks.  Griffin's favorites were petting the stingrays and the frog exhibit. Graham loved it all - several times he asked me " is it real?" and "can I touch it?" 

 Since ATL had school off too, the aquarium was packed. It was pretty hard to keep everyone contained and together with so many people. And we even lost Griffin once. A "man selling treats" found him and kept him until I stumbled upon them. Scary!!

 One of my life-long besties met us there with her to we added Bryson and Bella to our crowd!

 theses 2 pics are of Graham staring into the big aquarium window...he was definitely in awe. 

 petting the sting rays and sharks

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  1. We went on a Friday in July this past summer and we will never ever go back on a Friday or weekend. We couldn't keep up with our kids either so don't feel bad.