Monday, October 14, 2013

Graham's Family Picnic

Our big 3 year old is finally getting his chance to do things for him!!  Graham has been a trooper the last few years, driving everyone to school, gymnastics, soccer, he thinks he is big stuff that he has finally "arrived!"  He is in school 3 days a week and is thrilled that he is big enough to do car line. And per his request, he is doing a weekly gymnastic class....and playgroup is now primarily  his friends and not the big kids friends!!

The 3 year old classes at FBC all had "family picnics" at school on Friday. I picked up chic-fil-a and headed to the playground to picnic with his friends. 

This is one of Graham's good buddies from both Biblestudy and school - Parker. 

Daddy was even able to sneak away from work for a little bit!