Wednesday, October 30, 2013

McBrayer Mountain Trip 2013

This weekend was our annual trip to the NC mountains with the McBrayers…hard to imagine I have gone 34 of the last 35 years!!!  Its been fun to watch our kids fall in love with and be excited for some of the traditions we have had for so long. 

Big Daddy gave all the kids $5 for "cherokee money" to spend on a souvenir…avery got a stuffed dolphin (it has a 1987 sea world tag on it), griffin got a bow and arrow, and graham got a toy fishing set. what treasures!!

the kids love the campfire…we made smores several times and roasted hot dogs one day…and the adults enjoy sitting around it talking once kids are in bed. 

craft time…halloween masks (addison and griffin)

griffin and clayton

Carsyn and Nina

Last year, we added trout fish to our list of activities…all of the kids got to catch 2 fish each. 

Graham was hysterical. He got so excited once he had one hooked. And he talked trash to his fish as he reeled it in. 

none of the kids wanted to touch their fish!

my girls!


pretty sure these guys were "over" having their pictures taken by this point!!

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  1. i can't get over how blonde and blue-eyed carsyn is!!!