Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years in Jasper

We headed to the cabin last Friday and stayed until New Years Day. Mom/Mike were with us and then Peyton/Ann came for 2 days. It was a little chilly so we were inside a little more than desired but we had lots of time to hang by the fire, play cards, and be bums….

Little Miss loves her new chair!

and Hex bugs for the boys!

Griffin was drooling over Addison's DS

Carsyn and Caris hung out together in the kitchen cabinets and fought over cups and plastic ware!

 "swimming" in the hot tub

Girlfriend loves hats and shoes and played in the shoe/hat/coat pile all week. 

Nina taught Graham how to play Sequence

Big Daddy and Avery played War

Daddy and Griff played Zinga….and Mommy read by the fire!

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