Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

Today is December 26 and I am whooped. I even threatened the boys  that I was going to call their school teachers today and have them go to school tomorrow!! 

But we have had a great Christmas and school break so far. Christmas Day was really fun. We started the day around 7:30 by opening our stockings and presents from Santa.  We then opened presents from mom/dad. The kids were pretty comical and they evened said "thank you" a few times (unprovoked) so maybe they are really listening!!

 We are always surprised with Griffin - he thinks so differently than Brent and I - and we rarely really know whats going thru his mind. "Strange" things strike his fancy and he sometimes ignores stuff we think would interest him. He  got this batman belt in his stocking….and later declared that it was one of his favorite  gifts!!

Santa left our girly girl some matching necklaces and bracelets...

 Graham really wanted a 4 wheeler for Christmas…so Santa delivered his hearts desire!

 Santa brought Avery a rack for her American Girl doll's clothes...

 love Griff's expression on this one….he got a bow and arrow and target. 

 Carsyn is at one of my favorite ages for present opening. She knew what was going on and got excited when handed a gift. She squealed when she saw what it was. and then yelled"mine!" when someone got near her stuff!

digging in her stocking

for my Green Egg chef

 our little vet

 avery has been glued to her rainbow loom since opening it!

We had my friend Gia and her daughter Emily join us for our Christmas meal. They are Chinese and haven't really ever celebrated Christmas…so all was new to them, especially the food! (Gia had never had mashed potatoes!)  Emily brought her violin and played several Christmas carols for us.  

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